Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Garret boy!

We have been soooo busy! But I need to post more. I am baaad.

I am so truly blessed by a wonderful family, and a part of that is my awesome son Garret. G-Man is 7 years old today. Arrived on April 19, 2000 weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz. What a gift he is! He is so considerate, kind, funny and full of mischief! You never know what he will say next! I simply cannot accept that my boy is growing up!

So here's to you my beloved son, we love you more than words can express and wish you a wonderful, fun-filled day!

Love, Moms, Daddy, Livvy and Phoebe-cat (your "FURRY TURKEY")!

Monday, April 9, 2007

No biking this weekend, toots....

Well, we got Olivia a new bike a couple of weeks back, and she didn't exactly get to ride it this Easter. We got 30+ cm of snow!!!! It felt more like Christmas, I was actually humming some carols. It sucked. The kids loved it though, but it's hard when I've got lovely plants started inside and then it snows a month and a half before I will be planting them. I think it won't last long though, the temperature today was much milder. Posted some pics for y'all ~ click on them to make larger...

My running class was Saturday morning; first one ~ one minute rotations of running/walking up to 20 mins combined. Pretty good but difficult at times. I did that again myself on Sunday and although my shins are sore, I worked up a good sweat and I am hoping I can do the 2 minute rotations on Saturday. Train all week I shall, young Jedi.

We're having family over on Saturday for a family birthday party for Garret, his Bday is the 19th and he'll be 7....SEVEN! What happened?!?! Where has the time gone?!?!

Have a great week all!

Thursday, April 5, 2007


Oh I have been bad not updating this...I am now addicted to bad!

Olivia is fabulous. Had her tooth extracted and she got to keep the tooth. The tooth fairy read her heartfelt note telling of her desire to show the nasty little tooth to her friends. Eww the abscess was nasty. Nasty I say! She gets her spacer on the 11th and will post a little pic. I know you are dying to see that! LOL!

OK. I am not into American Idol this year. I was a Chris Daughtry fanatic last year and this year noone is worthy except Melinda, Jordin and Lakisha. Gina went home well before her time, as that hoochie Haley is still there and the creepy Sanjaya is still there. If America can't even vote for the right idol, how can they vote for the next president? I will pray for all my U.S. friends out there.....

My friend Andrea and I start our Learn to Run Clinic with The Running Room on Saturday morning. I walked 5K Monday pm after work and 5K again yesterday, but it ain't nothing compared to the first time run on Saturday. I'm a running virgin! I'm SKEERT!

Hope you all have a great Easter and I will visit each and every one of you next week...PROMISE! I'm not trying to be a snotter, really I'm not. I'm just too enjoying life.