Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Well now that the kids are off to school....

I should really have a nap. No really. I shoulda coulda woulda. But this stupid computer has come calling and I am the first to admit I'm an addict. My name is Shelley, and I have an addiction to the internet. Facebook. Blogger. Email. CNN. Crime Library. People online. Perez Hilton. Popsugar. It doesn't matter. Just made a new mix of music too. My day off and I spend the morning like I'm at work...on the computer. I suck. Beyond suck.

The kids did fabulous on their first day back to school. Had a great cup of tea and chat with my friend Barb after the kids went into the school. I made sure Garret gave me a big hug and kiss before he went off to school, because we all know he wouldn't do it in public. He has lots of kids from his primary and one class in his class this year, but not his best bud Brandon (Barb's son). He has Dylan his new chum from down the street in his class. Allison's daughter Claire is also in his class. And, of course, the irritable, annoying David who Garret says drives him out of his mind. How does one child tell another he doesn't want to play with him without hurting his feelings? At this point Garret needs to just tell him he doesn't want to play with him. I cannot express how this kid doesn't get the message. Sometimes personalities don't click. And he keeps coming back all the same. This is my fault for having a grooverific kid I guess.

Olivia has been bursting at the seams since Aug 1 wanting to go back to school. I told her to cool her jets and just chill. Enjoy her last few hours of summer vacation. She would not. My sitter was like, "I swear I didn't give her any chocolate...I swear!!!" Yesterday she and her best bud Aisha were beyond excited as they are in the same class for the 4th year in a row. And, she no doubt froze her toosh off in her wee little summer dress on this blustery fall day. But why would anyone listen to their mother? Imagine!

Now I go to eat some of that sinful carrot cake with cream cheese good, so bad. Slurp!

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